Sunday, March 5, 2017

St. George Island, FL & Davis Bayou,MS

St. George Island
The island is a gorgeous barrier island off the coast of the Florida's panhandle. We were crossing bridges for about 1.5 miles to get here. It is a really nice area with beautiful white sand beaches, biking, kayaking, hiking etc. We spent a day at the beach, a day hiking day and a day biking.
The beach at St. George Island

Slash pine
Among the local pines you can see the tell-tale triangular shaped scars from past tapping of the trees for pitch that was made into turpentine.
Turpentine harvesting scar

These photos are from a walk along the beach and show a mosaic from the under surface of a starfish and the other is a natural collage of shell pieces broken, worn down and washed up on the beach.

The following photo is of fiddler crabs "waving" their large white claws extended from their holes in the mud. It would have been a lot more dramatic as a video as every few seconds all of them at the same time would lift and wave their larger claw! Please use your imaginations!

This is another piece of beach art, a pattern in the sand made by the actions of the waves.

Davis Bayou
Davis Bayou is on the Mississippi shore. We were here last year and have returned. Today, our first day here' was a hiking day. 

Davis Bayou

Turtles and an alligator warming in the sun
Grilled tuna with Mediterranean compote

George is still perfecting recipes while we are on the road!

While visiting  Apalachicola, Florida which is a lovely "old fashion" town, we visited a photo gallery and met the photographer. He told us there was a story behind every photo, so we heard a number of his stories and bought a photograph of oystermen working on the bay.

Most of the photos were of the people who live and work in the bayou. His photos were beautiful and captured the essence of the people who live a hard working life.

And as an aside...gas is cheap! We have seen it as cheap as $1.97.

George & Diane at the beach

 A picture of us at the beach (above) and the birds (below)...It looks like I have gained weight and George has lost some? George says the birds are back by popular demand...but I want to know who keeps demanding them!!

A willet on the beach at St. George

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