Friday, March 24, 2017

Davis Bayou, St. Augustine & Going Home

Casita tucked into Davis Bayou Campground

Davis Bayou, part of Gulf Islands National Seashore, was an accidental discovery last year and one of our favorites, so we definitely put it on our itinerary this year. It borders Ocean Springs, MS.
Biloxi waterfront and casinos from our kayak, and bridge to Ocean Springs

Crayfish, potatoes & corn, with Cajun seasoning and an IPA.

We like to try the "local fare" when in the South, so this night it was crawfish at The Crawfish House. Quite a bit of work for a very small bite....but there were lots of them!

Taken from Visit Mississippi site:
The Walter Anderson Museum adjoins the community center where Anderson painted imaginative murals in the 1950s, (for a cost to the town of $1) depicting the flora and fauna of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It contains the intricately painted "Little Room" from his cottage, public school murals from the 1930s, permanent and changing exhibits."

The museum was lovely and the style of the art work from the museum and walls of the community center are reflected in the painting below. Walter Anderson developed severe mental illness and he spent periods of time in hospitals, escaping from the last one through a window using the bed sheets. The painting's  lines remind me of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

St. Augustine
We didn't visit the lighthouse last year, so we made a point of getting there this time. The property contains the lighthouse, keepers' house, boat building shed and underwater artifact preservation site which will have a new building when we return next year.

I think it was about 270 steps to the top for a great view and a lot of wind. I could feel it in my legs for a couple of days.

The lighthouse at St. Augustine
Looking down.

The view from the top towards Anastasia Island

Walking the beach at Anastasia Island State Park is always interesting. This was our first stop in Florida at the beginning of our trip, and our last before heading north. It was also the beach where the ranger told us they release rattlesnakes and vipers on the other side of the stay off the dunes!

I was taking pictures of the sand when a couple came by and asked if we had found "something". I answered "patterns in the sand". I think they were disappointed...

Diane finally found a perfect sand dollar on the last beach walk of this trip.

 And for everyone asking for more tree pictures (second only to bird photo requests), a couple of examples of the amazing flexible properties of live oaks. 
Again I am wondering who is asking for these photos? But the live oaks are something!

This live oak is growing just outside the St. Augustine lighthouse keepers' grounds. These two branches were probably pushed down by a fallen tree or a large limb during one of numerous storms. They continued to grow over the wall and onto a garden area where the branches have rooted and continued to grow.

This live oak is growing in an area bordering the parking lot of the very exposed Anastasia State Park beach.

Heading home! 

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