Sunday, February 19, 2017

Jonathan Dickerson State Park

Jonathan Dickerson State Park
Here is a photo of the "soil" at our campsite. It looks like a limestone conglomerate with lots of tiny and not so tiny shells. I like to call them "fossils" which doesn't seem to be scientifically correct.
Limestone conglomerate that makes up our campsite.
On our way to the Hobe national wildlife refuge ocean beach, we passed through a majestic tunnel of banyan trees.
Banyan trees lining the road to Hobe Beach

Kayak trip up the Loxahatchee River

From Jonathan Dickerson State Park you can travel up and down the river by kayak, canoe or small motor boat. Our kayak trip was wind against us on the way up river and at our backs as we returned. We saw a few birds, turtles and fish. There was something that "moved" under our boat that scared me...that I will call a monster fish....The beauty of the trip was being surrounded by the mangroves, which doesn't show up too well in these photos, so use your imaginations. The photo of the pine tree on the right is showing how the roots are exposed when the bank is eroded away.

A story but no photos
One early evening while biking we saw a bobcat who was also using the bike path (without a bike, Tristan!) and the following night we went out again and found deer, but no bobcat. We also walked up Hobe Mountain, all  86 feet of it. It is the tallest point south of Lake Okeechobee. It had a tower on top not counted in the 86 feet which offered a nice view of the area-Atlantic Ocean, intercoastal waterway and the surrounding landscape of sand, palms and pines.

We have now moved on back to the Everglades, Flamingo...where the mosquitos are....

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