Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Flamingo, Everglades Nat'l Park III

We're in the everglades again, this time deep in the park at Flamingo - the end of the road. It is notorious for its numerous and vicious mosquitoes: The rating of hysterical does not mean "funny". 

But don't worry, Diane is always well prepared. I had been looking for a net jacket for protection against bugs and found it at the Flamingo marina store. It was only $17...I would have paid a lot more! And "A plus" is how stylish I look...
Our boat tour along the mangrove channels lead to some large inland brackish water lakes. We saw a few animals, the most exciting being the manatee mother and baby. The water was clear enough, so we had a good view. The mother manatee had the propeller scars on her back from a motor boat that you hear so much about. People, more adventurous than we are, can make a canoe or kayak trip of over 90 miles from chickee hut to chickee hut. The huts are two raised platforms over the water where you can set up your tent and there is a porta potty to share between two platforms. I will see if I can find a photo online, so you can consider making the trip...

Our captain and our naturalist.

Red mangroves and their "walking" roots

A baby manatee - mama was nearby.
Short tailed hawk perched on the edge of the canal

The pink and aqua mid-century modern Flamingo Visitor Center

Converting our Weber gas grill into a baking oven for blueberry muffins.

 Leaving the everglades early in the morning fog. On our way to the Keys and the Southern Cross Winter Star Party!

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