Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Casita Aventuras número dos! 2017

We headed south/southwest from Rhode Island on Thursday 1/5 when it was still freezing and made it to Delaware to visit our friend from our Peace Corps days, Jeff. We woke up in the morning to a slight covering of omen of things to come, and with a late start, we made it to Rocky Mount, NC as it was getting dark and the snow/ice was starting. We ended up staying two nights waiting for the roads to improve. On Sunday with a slow careful start for about 30 miles, we finally made it to safe roads and and warmer temperatures.
A little snow in Delaware at out friend Jeff's house.
Freezing and heading South!
On Tuesday we arrived at Saint Augustine, Anastasia State Park and surveyed the area for signs of wild animals...the Florida panther or a raccoon?

Somebody's been checking out our campsite.
Casita under the Palm tree
We can hear the breakers from our campsite and the beach is lovely and long. We met a ranger who explained we should stay off the area where the dunes "use to be" before the hurricane and definitely don't go beyond the dunes because of rattlesnakes and vipers! Wouldn't it be more effective to just put up, "Beware Rattlesnakes and Vipers" signs to keep people off the dunes? I think so....

The beach at St. Augustine

The first "peep"

George's well composed shots of an unknown object on the beach, a Sanderling, that walks the beach like a wind up toy, me and old town St. Augustine.

Diane enjoying it all!
We walked around old town Saint Augustine and will go back today to visit some tourist sites.

Old St. Augustine

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