Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fort Pickens - Gulf Islands National Seashore

These are our beach photos from Fort Pickens-Gulf Islands National Seashore. This is a barrier Island not far from the Alabama state line.  It has elevations of no more than 6 feet with "roads will flood" signs consistently reminding you of that fact. The sand is absolutely gorgeous made mainly of quartz eroded from the southern Appalachian Mountains. It looks like sugar.

When we looked to our right down the beach, we saw the fishermen and to our left, there was no one as far as we could see. The water was "refreshing" and luckily I didn't need refreshing!

Boardwalk over the dunes to the beach.

The only crazy person in the water...and I am married to him!

A view down the beach with fishermen surf casting.

Me with my sun hat tied down.
Had lunch with this pirate.
Pensacola Beach is right outside the park.

Now we're heading for Cedar Key, farther south on the Florida gulf coast.

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