Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cedar Key, Florida (West coast of Florida)

Downtown buildings
We are staying near Cedar Key at a very nice RV campground. Cedar Key is a small "old fashion" town that has an artsy downtown street and a number of seafood restaurants and tourist shops on the water. We walked the main street visiting an artists' cooperative, viewing some street art, buying a few small items and picking up some stamps at the post office (Do you know stamps cost $.49 now?)

Seafood restaurants literally "on the water"
sign for a seafood restaurant on Main Street
mosaic street art

Swamphead Big Nose IPA with George in the background 

We had a lunch of oysters with pelicans flying by the windows. George had a choice of a local beer - Swamp Head Brewery - guess which one he chose? Wild Night, Big Nose IPA, Stumpknocker, Cottonmouth or Midnight Oil?  Big Nose...of all the names! Swamphead Big Nose!

There are no pictures of the Doppler Radar for last night. We heard the thunder and had some rain, but the severe weather front sort of split, passing to either side of Cedar Key. The weather alarm did go off rather loudly at 4 AM, for a tornado watch for the county, and that's how I know what the radar looked like. Our RV neighbor said that split happens quite often.

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