Friday, February 5, 2016

Our reflections on the state of Texas....where to start? How about the borders?

1. Texas is a border state with border checks:

  • cameras with heat sensors counting the number of people in the vehicles entering parks and
  • dogs smelling around the cars for....
  • planes and helicopters flying over the beaches looking for....

2. Best sign:
but don't do both!

Runners up: Smells Free, Do not feed seagulls, Watch for Snakes, Cougar Area,
Profanity of any type will not be tolerated

Waffle House Sign

3. Texas is one of 16 states that has no state wide law banning smoking in bars and restaurants. It's amazing how shocking it is seeing someone smoking in a restaurant!

4. Texans displays many state flags...many state flags...

5. The people are very friendly and didn't have as much of an accent as I thought they would. Many people knew we were from New England...I'm not sure how?

6. It really is Big Sky Country. You can look from horizon to horizon with no hills, trees or buildings to block your view.
7. Tides, are for the most part are one low and one high a day, but without an obvious schedule.

8. The barrier beaches were long and beautiful. People drive their vehicles onto the beaches, which really helps with carrying all your beach gear!

9. Texan oysters are a lot "meatier" than those in Rhode have to chew them!

10. Gas prices are low:

Offshore platforms being built


 11.  Las casas tienen las piernas largas . (The houses have long legs.)

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