Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Matagorda Nature Center - Matagorda, Texas

Went for a bird walk this morning and saw this beautiful meadowlark, and lots of other birds! The other bird pictures are from a walk on the beach this afternoon. The beach is big for surfers who are there early.

Eastern Meadowlark
Ruddy Turnstone
Great Blue Heron

The windmill was doing a great job at pumping fresh water and helping to fill a small pond where birds and other animals come to drink. That old rickety thing looks like it should be in an old western movie with thirsty cattle and dusty cowboys! 

The last picture, which I asked George to take this afternoon, is of litter on the beach. Texas has a lot of beautiful coastline, but some of the beaches have a lot of litter. Tomorrow (or the day after) I will do my reflections on the state of Texas, for those parts that we actually got to see. What really impresses me are the things that surprise me...The sun set after 6 PM tonight!

Manana estaremos en Louisiana...(but I couldn't get the little mark over the first n...)

(Tomorrow night we will be in Louisiana.)

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