Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fort Pickens - Gulf Islands Nat'l Seashore

 Yesterday we left Davis Bayou in Mississippi and drove to Fort Pickens National Seashore,  just beyond Pensacola Florida. We crossed the bridge onto the barrier island, and as we are driving to the camp site I keep looking to the left, just beyond the the "low" sand dunes thinking...are we lower than the Gulf?

We had a line of severe thunderstorms pass through last night with some impressive rain, wind, lightening and thunder. The tornadoes touched down further north. The weather stations keep you posted on what is happening and when you are here in a trailer, there doesn't seem like there's much you can do.

The weather was beautiful today, a bit on the cool side but good for biking and walking which is what we did. The land seems very much like Cape Cod, MA...the way it looks, the sand and scruby trees, the warmth of the land and the way it smells.

We visited Fort Pickens which was in use before the Civil War to WWI. My most interesting facts are:
1.) the original fort was constructed with 21.5 million locally made bricks and
2.) in 1899 a fire reached one of the gun powder magazine and blew some of those brick across the bay about 1.5 miles!

George and I agree that our campgrounds at Davis Bayou and here at Fort Pickens are both places we would return to on another trip.

Our Casita tucked into the live oaks at our campsite.

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