Monday, January 25, 2016

Visited Padre Island National Seashore with its beautiful beach and continuous low roar of breaking waves. Padre Island NS is the longest stretch of undeveloped barrier island in the world and unlike Cape Cod NS, you will not find even a pebble on it, which is great for walking barefoot.

Besides my small broken pieces of shells, and other friendly walkers, there were shore birds running back and forth to avoid the approaching waves and a couple of pretty awesome jellyfish! Cabbage head jellyfish, which we touched (very gently) with a shell. No signs of life were noted...It was about the size of my stretched out hand.

Padre Island is also a nesting place of ridley sea turtles starting in April and many birds. Tomorrow morning we are going on a bird tour with a park ranger, so expect many of George's bird photos!

Bonito sombrero! (...almost forgot we can speak Spanish!)

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