Saturday, January 23, 2016

Galveston Texas
Galveston Island is like one big sand bar ~27 miles long. Which makes it great for l o n g walks on the beach (playa) on the Gulf side, and for birds on the marshy bay side, but not so good for hurricanes. After the devastating hurricane of 1900 when most of the city was demolished with 6000+ dead, they built a seawall and raised the city up to a high point of 16 feet above sea level. (Our townhouse at NF is 50-60 feet above sea level.)

In 2008 with Hurricane Ike, the island was seriously flooded and 20-30,000 trees on the island died from the salt water. Some of the dead tree trunks were carved in place into wooden sculptures. The mermaid is one of these sculptures. She is known as "Tina", as in Ike (hurricane) and Tina Turner.

A typical Victorian house that survived the hurricane of 1900.

The beach at Galveston Island State Park where we are camping in the Casita.

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