Thursday, March 21, 2019

New Orleans, Galveston

New Orleans 
We camped on the south/west side of the Mississippi and would drive to Algiers Point and take the 5-minute ferry across to New Orleans. We did a lot of walking and trolley riding to see the sites. Mardi Gras was getting into swing so there were lots of interesting people to watch.
New Orleans from the Algiers Point Ferry

Below is the tenth steam-powered riverboat named Natchez that has plied the waters of the Mississippi. It was built in 1975 and can do "an honest 16 m/h" and has never lost a race. Personally, I didn't even know there were steamboat races. This Natchez is for the enjoyment of the tourists offering jazz and dinner cruises. 

No Rules Fashion-Perfect for Mardi Gras

Voodoo Shop

When we were young (1973) we went to Mardi Gras-the parades, the floats, krewes, beads, crazy people etc. and it's not something I need to do again. We looked for different aspects of New Orleans to appreciate, the architecture, iron works, food, music, cemeteries, neighborhoods etc. Below is a tree that has "caught" more than it's fair share of beads thrown from Mardi Gras floats.

The following four photos are examples of the excellent iron works found in New Orleans. The last one is probably on Bourbon Street and is all decked out in the Mardi Gras colors.

Mardi Gras street corner
Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in the Garden district was established in 1833 and is still used today. The tombs can fit many family members and the remains when decomposed can be removed to make more room.

Preservation Hall is a musical venue in the  French Quarter founded in 1961 to protect and preserve traditional New Orleans jazz. As you can see it's not a fancy place, and I walked right past it the first time, but the music was great!

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park
This was a surprisingly beautiful walk through the bayou.

On to Galveston

Casita on the Bolivar to Galveston Ferry

Oceanstar Museum: explaining the energy industry here in the Gulf of Mexico. It is actually a retired jack-up drilling rig. We learned quite a bit!

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