Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Everglades & Biscayne Nat'l Parks


This year we camped at Long Pine Key during our stay in the Everglades having learned to stay away from  “the mosquitoes” in Flamingo.

The first photo was taken at 5:30 AM (Thanks George!) and is of the setting bluemoon (second full moon in a calendar month) supermoon (exceptionally near the Earth) and just the beginning of a partial lunar eclipse. Then there are some wildlife photos from various trails in the Everglades followed by some of our ranger-led canoe trip.

Super blue moon eclipse-January 2018

Alligator smiling for the camera
Snowy Egret


Purple gallinule

Diane looking for alligators...

Canoeing trails in the Everglades

Diane with her sun protection

Our ranger guide

Cypress trees in the sea of grass that is the Everglades

Biscayne National Park is mainly an underwater park, and you could make arrangements to go snorkeling, but when I asked if I was going to be wet and cold the answer was, "Probably, as it is the winter." So we took a boat ride out to Boca Chita Key to see some beautiful scenery and learn some history of the key and park. The lighthouse is really lovely but only ornamental, the rich builder not realizing that you can't just build and light up a lighthouse wherever you please! People "camp" on the key by tying up their boat to the dock. The photo with the pilings shows you Miami in the background and if you look carefully each piling had a bird on top of it.

Boca Chita Key in Biscayne Bay

Pilings with birds on top and Miami in the background

Moonrise over Long Pine Key

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