Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sebastian Inlet II

McKee Botanical Gardens - 1/17/18 

We visited McKee Botanical Gardens with our friends Trudy and Bob.
The garden is a lovely property that has had a long and varied history in Vero Beach.
“It’s a Jungle Out There” is a collection of 24 animal sculptures made out of recycled 
automotive metals. The animals were made by African artists and harken back to a time 
when the McKee Garden was zoo.

Trudy and Bob
Trudy, gorilla and Diane

The garden also has a really cool “Stickworks” sculpture. The Stickworks installation called “The Royals” is set in the garden’s royal palm grove. It was constructed by weaving saplings into primitive building shapes. They are found all around the country and in Canada. Check them out at They can stay until they “compost” themselves, but I think at some point they would be removed to finish their composting somewhere off-site.

Looking up through the roof of a
Stickworks building.
Diane and George outside
Stickworks buildings.

Elephant sculpture in McKee Botanical Garden.

Barrier Island NWR


The Barrier Island Sanctuary is an educational center
located in the Archie Carr Refuge. 
It is a major nesting place for sea turtles.

On the sign below, the first point-
“When walking near water stay alert and keep your eyes open, this is good advice for anywhere in Florida.”
Besides “keeping your eyes open in Florida” being an interesting idea all by itself, these alligator alert signs, are immediately followed by a bench for you to sit and relax...near the water...and wait for the alligators to sneak up on you!

The alligator bench

What is George doing?
George likes me to take his photo from afar.
(The farther away, the better I look - GC)

Red mangrove roots

A beautiful leaf from a seagrape shrub

Go Patriots! 1/21/18
We want to apologize to Gail and Mike for the poor quality of the photo. It was a wonderful afternoon spent with friends...and the Patriots won too!

Our friends Gail and Mike

Seen at the grocery store...
Vote: Is this a dog, alligator or something else?

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