Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sebastian Inlet

We arrived at Sebastian Inlet State Park on Wednesday, Jan. 25, only about 2 hours east of Highlands Hammock. Our campground is on the banks of the inlet which is a popular fishing area, both from boats and shore.
Our Casita camped out in a site on the inlet
 We have been to the beach a couple of times which is also very popular for surf fishing. 

The extensive beach on the Atlantic side of the island

Although hard to see in this photo, the fishing people have elaborate "fishing wagons" with multiple poles, tackle, gear, bait, coolers etc. that can travel across the sand or onto the fishing piers
Surf casting
A cheeky Rudy turnstone a little too close

We spent the day with Trudy and Bob Wahrenburg (from North Farm and Sebastian FL). We toured Sebastian and visited the Mel Fisher treasure museum. In 1713 and 1733 two deadly hurricanes sunk Spanish treasure fleets returning to Spain near Sebastian. Although some of the gold and silver was salvaged, a lot remained on the bottom of the sea. Mel Fisher was a diver turned treasure hunter, who devoted his life to finding lost treasures.
Gold native relic recovered from the Atosha

We will NOT be posting any erotica on this blog!

And sunset at Sebastian Inlet.

Great blue heron
Sunset at our campsite

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