Monday, February 8, 2016

OK, there were not many requests (two) for pictures of the inside of the trailer, but here they are. It is really perfect for George and I, and we have adjusted to it quite nicely.

Below is our bedroom at the back of the trailer. We have a T.V. in the corner with dual speakers and a table we use for charging our phones.  There is an air conditioner/heater on the ceiling and extra storage in the form of rolling draws under the bed.

The next picture is of our kitchen. You can see the two burner stove on the right. There is no oven. The sink is to the left of the stove and the refrigerator to the bottom left of that. The cabinets are for kitchen storage with a few spices etc. behind the sink. We (George) also does a lot of cooking outside on the grill. We also tend to wash our dishes outside using the outside shower faucet.There is a light and hood vent over the stove. The paper towel holder shares space with the bedroom.

This is our dining room and living room with two swivel chairs and small table.  Behind the chairs we put our computers to charge and my pocketbook. When the chairs are turned towards the back of the trailer...the bedroom T.V. becomes our living room  T.V. (multi-use).

These following two kitchen photos show the stove and sink "open" and then closed, which gives you more prep space. I think the paper towel holder has ended up in our bed.


The next two bathroom pictures show the door to the "en suite" where you can see how sparkling clean we keep it! The other photo is taken through the bathroom window showing the shelves, the sink is to the left, with ample storage under it. The hand held indoor shower goes from the faucet in the sink to a holder high on the right. You can not see the toilet which is opposite the shelving and very adequate. The whole bathroom is molded fiberglass and can be washed down with the hand held shower the whole bathroom is also the shower, which has a seat...the closed toilet.

The photo above is taken through the back window, over the bed (bedroom) through the kitchen, dining room/living room, to the bathroom door. To the right of the bathroom door is a closet  for our clothes and some extra storage. I hang my sun hat over my chair.

The last photo is taken  through the back window at night by a peeping George.  It looks like I am reading in the living room. You can see my bedside white wall holder for my kindle, book etc. Near the back window, outside is the spare tire and on the far right you can see the outside light with the door open.

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