Monday, February 1, 2016

Matagorda Nature Park of the Lower Colorado River Association

Our campground is very nice and not on any river that comes from the state of Colorado as its name might lead you to believe! Our site is at the mouth of the Lower Colorado (TX) River right as it enters the Gulf of Mexico. I was quite somewhat upset by the name of I used my online Spanish/English translator, thinking I could make sense of this Colorado name in Texas, and it said that colorado in Spanish meant....Colorado...

We spent our day walking the beach and biking in the area. I have been collecting some shells from our walks on the beach and may start collecting some driftwood as well...the back of the truck is pretty empty!

Our photos of the day show me "sitting" and a picture of the waves breaking on the breakwater at the end of a very long pier, so long we rode our bikes down it. Not to worry, I was watching for any rogue waves that may have swept George out to sea!

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