Sunday, February 11, 2018

Miami - Wynwood Walls

World Class Street Art Museum 

The Wynwood section of Miami was farmland in the early 1900s which evolved into a working-class neighborhood, industrial area, fashion district, immigrant neighborhood and is now in the process of gentrification.

In 1987, an empty factory building became Florida’s largest working artists' space which still operates today and was an inspiration to Goldman Properties to invest in Wynwood. Goldman Properties started a free open-air gallery of urban art called Wynwood Walls. The neighborhood has a monthly art tour called Wynwood Art Walk. The following photos are of the murals, the neighborhood and one painting from the gallery at the Wall. There are a couple of random photos at the end.

Wall art

Gallery art
Wall art
Wall art

Metal sculpture-foreground, wall art-background 

Wall art

George with a
local brew


Neighborhood building

Restaurant where we had lunch
with bike rentals outside

Inside lunch restaurant

George looking at
his new bird book

This is for people who made it through all the photos...
Comment...What it is....?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Everglades & Biscayne Nat'l Parks

This year we camped at Long Pine Key during our stay in the Everglades having learned to stay away from  “the mosquitoes” in Flamingo.

The first photo was taken at 5:30 AM (Thanks George!) and is of the setting bluemoon (second full moon in a calendar month) supermoon (exceptionally near the Earth) and just the beginning of a partial lunar eclipse. Then there are some wildlife photos from various trails in the Everglades followed by some of our ranger-led canoe trip.

Super blue moon eclipse-January 2018

Alligator smiling for the camera
Snowy Egret


Purple gallinule

Diane looking for alligators...

Canoeing trails in the Everglades

Diane with her sun protection

Our ranger guide

Cypress trees in the sea of grass that is the Everglades

Biscayne National Park is mainly an underwater park, and you could make arrangements to go snorkeling, but when I asked if I was going to be wet and cold the answer was, "Probably, as it is the winter." So we took a boat ride out to Boca Chita Key to see some beautiful scenery and learn some history of the key and park. The lighthouse is really lovely but only ornamental, the rich builder not realizing that you can't just build and light up a lighthouse wherever you please! People "camp" on the key by tying up their boat to the dock. The photo with the pilings shows you Miami in the background and if you look carefully each piling had a bird on top of it.

Boca Chita Key in Biscayne Bay

Pilings with birds on top and Miami in the background

Moonrise over Long Pine Key

Friday, February 2, 2018

Jonathan Dickerson II

Anne Norton Sculpture Gardens-West Palm Beach FL

This garden was planned, designed and constructed over 
15 years by the sculptress Ann Norton (1905-1982) 
and botanist Sir Peters Smithers. Norton made her sculptures 
on-site where her home and workshop are still located. 
As you walk among rare palms and tropical plants, 
you will come upon one of her “quite large” sculptures. 
The private garden now open to the public was her retreat 
in the expanding city of Palm Beach, Florida.


Giant Swallowtail
Second Seminole War Reenactment
Riverbend Park-Jupiter, FL
Second Seminole War 1835-1842

When the US army arrived in 1835 prepared to move the 
Seminole people to Oklahoma for re-settling, approximately 
180 warriors very effectively attacked using guerrilla warfare.
A combination of tribes eventually joined together, including 
many escaped slaves and formed a force of approximately 
3,000 warriors against more than 30,000 US troops. 
It was an expensive and hard-fought war on both sides.
In 1842, the hostilities ended though no peace treaty was signed. 
Most Seminoles were moved to Oklahoma.

The photos from the reenactment at the Loxahatchee 
River Battlefield Park is of one of the last major battles of the war.



Jupiter Island


Monday, January 29, 2018

Jonathan Dickerson SP, Jupiter

Riverbend Park - Jupiter FL 
(I am using a larger print to make it easier for me to read and write...anyone else with me on this? D)

Riverbend Park is a beautiful 665-acre multi-use park. We biked along well-packed walking/bike paths passing, what I call "the jungle", wetlands, river, canals and ponds. It is also home to the Loxahatchee Battlefield, the site of the Second Seminole Indian War. It did not turn out well for the Seminole people, but they never did sign a peace treaty with the US government. More on this in the next post.

 Loxahatchee River in Riverbend Park

Chickee is the Seminole word for house. The chickee style of building with cypress logs and palmetto thatch was used during the early 1800s when the Seminoles were pursued by the US army and they needed quick housing. This type of construction has become popular for tiki huts.
Wild coffee
Chickee hut or tiki hut?

It may be hard to see what an amazing growth pattern this tree has, but it is a strangler fig that started as an epiphyte (air plant) and overtook and consumed its host tree. It is known for putting down "prop trunks" to support its huge spreading branches. That's me under the tree. D

Banyan tree
 The Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge has both freshwater and saltwater habitats of coastal dunes and beach on Jupiter Island and sand pine scrub and hammocks on the mainland. We went on a guided walk with a volunteer who pointed out the following plant life.

Lichen and moss

Saw Palmetto

Wild Mint

Gatorback Saw Palmetto-
It's trunk lies horizontally along the ground and can look like a "gator"